Becoming a Voice Artist


Did you ever have an experience so powerful, you want to emulate it?  Inspired by the book The Nightingale, written by Kristin Hannah and read by Polly Stone was the curveball that changed my life. As an avid reader I was shocked to win the audiobook from a Goodreads promotion.

Immediately captivated, the historical fiction novel drew me deeper as I made my daily commute to San Diego. A funny thing happened,  I actually began to look forward to the first and last hour of my work day. Fourteen discs later and a long sigh, my modern day audiobook experience left me with the biggest warm-fuzzy.  

The experience lingered. The daydream became a “what if” and  inspired me to explore training as a voice artist. I worked weekly with a voice coach, recorded demos, set up a home studio and tackled the daunting task of auditioning. Months later, I felt a tug to focus back on my first crush, audiobook narration. My thoughts evolved to “why not me?” 


Almost immediately, I was selected for my first audiobook narration. It was a 35,000-word guide to being a goddess. Simple, I thought. Looking back, the process was more time-intensive than I predicted. After working my day job, I would often put in another 4-6 hours of recording and editing.  Slowly combing through audio mere seconds at a time. Hours slipped into night and I’d begin again before the sun, ever chasing quiet for a low noise floor.

At times, the exhaustion was audible in my voice and entire sections had to be scrapped and re-recorded another day. Twice, entire completed chapters vanished leaving me scrambling at the eleventh hour to begin yet again. But what I learned was perseverance. Each obstacle presented a new challenge which became a new tool to carry with me on my journey. 

Reflecting back, I never would have predicted my “what if” would land me as the voice of a goddess on my first audiobook narration.  Today, I share with you the finished product. Come learn the other tools and tips I learned along the way in Panties and Power, Top Secret Blueprint to Being a Goddess in the 21st Century written by D.F. Rogers and read to you by yours truly

Available now on Audible, Amazon and iTunes