To portray a unique, youthful voice to audio projects to inspire, intrigue and captivate a worldwide audience.
— Elysian Sound, vision statement

Just a gal from the Pacific Northwest

Syrena Harris, Voice Artist of Elysian Sound

Inspired from a young age, I dreamed away rainy days by listening to audio books on record, or narrating for my two younger siblings. I always had a love for words, whether writing stories, learning new words or bringing those words to life... my days of youth were magical, full of adventure, creative and fun! And that spirit still lingers in my soul to this day. Now all grown up and living in San Diego, not much has changed, except maybe the weather... when not recording you will find me enjoying the outdoors, breathing in salty air with my toes in the sand and book in my hand.



  • Youthful & Hip
  • Clear
  • Bright
  • Friendly & Cheerful
  • Charismatic
  • Articulate
  • Dreamy and euphoric
  • Lyrical
  • Lasting... 



Condenser Mic: Rode NT1-A, Audio interface preamp: Focusrite Scarlett Solo Gen 2, Headphones: Scarlett HP60, Audio recording/editing software: Audacity